[greenstone-users] help me with the external links !

From Israel Abraham Flores Cruz
DateFri, 9 Mar 2007 07:07:15 +0000
Subject [greenstone-users] help me with the external links !
Hi! Ive been trying implement a collection with pdf,word & html files, but  I have a pair of troubles:
-in the pdf files I cant get obtain the images (altough Ive installed Ghostscript & ImageMagick),in fact
 Ive desist to use pdf files in this collection,because Ive lose the format this files too),instead of use these  files, Ive changed this  files with a tool called "ABBYY TRANSFORMER" that change the pdf files to html & doc(file's word) but the last have a little diferent format, theraby , I make up my mind use only html files , but I need to  the final users can get obtain a copy of any file,then I only,I'll use html files and my question is, how can I activate a link in all html files to obtain a copy in pdf files that i don't include in this collect,but I've only obtain in a test collection External link , & I don't get my goal!,(I've been trying to include zip files, but GSDL ,it only give off this pdf's & I come back to my trouble, what option i need to use in the html plug in or how can obtain my goal, thank you!(I accept any suggest)

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