[greenstone-users] RE:RE: a trouble with pdf files

From Israel Abraham Flores Cruz
DateWed, 7 Feb 2007 17:14:53 +0000
Subject [greenstone-users] RE:RE: a trouble with pdf files
hi ! My name's Israel Flores ,I' ve a pair of troubles:
First , when I create a new collection e.i. cds/isis in the webserver with a single string format with name
'publicaciones'(I use the spanish language), and advanced search with name 'busqueda' in the page about (or about this collection)
I obtain a text like this:
Como encontrar informacion ?
Existen 2 manera(s) de encontrar informacion en esta coleccion:_textSearchlong_help:textdefaultlongtext_
when I need obtain two instruccion like that :
-buscar por palabras determinadas que aparecen en el texto clicando el boton busqueda
-mostrar documentos por titulo de la publicacion clicando el boton publicaciones.
I' ve been working too with a local library in another machine and I have not this problems
I' ve been trying to get a collection with PDF files with text and image(I use GSDL v 2.72)
but at this time , I can't get it, I' ve installed ghost script and image magick, in the web server
and :
# rpm -qa |grep -i "ghostscript\|imagemagic" |sort

I don't know if I need install another program or plug in to get a collection with pdf files with text and image
(if I use the option complex in the PDFPlug, I' ve obtain the same result, I 've read five times ,
Enhanced PDF handling tutorial , step by step and always i'ts the same, I can't get the results that I hope)
I have a question, when I use the pdf with markers on the pdf ,in the file of GSDL ,I obtain the same markets but
in the last part of the collection , below all text, how can I hold the markers in the same position as in the pdf file
thank you very much2E

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