Re: Greenstone Turkish Interface (2.38)

From sjboddie
DateMon, 01 Jul 2002 13:42:51 +1200
Subject Re: Greenstone Turkish Interface (2.38)
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"John R. McPherson" wrote:
> After that, you just need to tell greenstone to use these new files.
> In GSDLHOME/etc/main.cfg, there is a setting called "macrofiles".
> Add and to the list of macro files that
> are already there.
> You should also add another field so that you can set the default
> encoding for your language. Eg, assuming you have used utf8, add a
> line like:
> #
> Language shortname=tr longname=Turkish default_encoding=utf-8
> #
> If you didn't use utf-8, then you most likely used iso-8859-9
> or windows-1254 character set. If you did use one of these other
> sets, you will need to uncomment the encoding from the main.cfg
> file. If you are running the windows greenstone server, you will
> probably need to restart it for any changes to take effect.

Note that the default_encoding argument John talks about here is only
used for output (i.e. what gets sent to the web browser). That is, if
you used the "Language" line above you would get a "Turkish" entry
appearing in the interface language menu of Greenstone's preferences
page. If you then selected Turkish from the menu, the encodings menu
would also change (to utf-8 because that's the default you set for

The Turkish text you've written to your and macro
files should ALWAYS be encoded as utf-8 however. Using iso-8859-9,
windows-1254 or any other encoding in macro files will not work.