[greenstone-users] Sort search results in reverse order

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DateThu Jul 3 07:51:40 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Sort search results in reverse order
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Hello Quan.

Thanks, I tried it and it works. However, the thing is, I want to sort the
documents by date, and I want the newer documents to show up first. As the
metadata consists of years, the older documents show up first.
Can this be done?

Alejandro Vesga

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> Hi Alejandro
> If you want the search results sorted based on a specific metadata
> element, you have to force users to do an "all" search, the documents
> returned are in build order. That is, the order in which the documents
> were processed by buildcol.pl is the order in which they'll be returned.
> The build order can be changed by using the sortmeta option to import.pl.
> If a metadata element is specified here, then documents will be sorted
> during import by that metadata.
> If you are using GLI, go to the "Create" panel, select "Import Options"
> from the left hand, then enable the "sortmeta" option and choose a
> metadata from the list on the right hand. The collection has to be
> re-imported and re-built.
> Regards
> Quan
>> Hello.
>> I'm using Greenstone 2.72 and I have a rather large collection indexed
>> with MG. I want to sort the search results according to a specific
>> metadata element, and it needs to be sorted in Z-A order.
>> How do I do this? I've searched the mailing list archives, but all the
>> responses are way too technical. If you can help me by giving me step by
>> step instructions, I would be very grateful.
>> Thank you,
>> Alejandro Vesga
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