[greenstone-users] Lost metadata

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DateWed Oct 15 22:35:25 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Lost metadata
I've run into a very distressing and serious problem with a Greenstone collection. In it I have two folders, one of them is the main folder, where all of the documents are to be housed, the other one is the process folder, where I add metadata to new files and then move them to the main folder. I was doing this task, moving files from one folder to the other, and nothing seemed to be out of place.

However, I arrive today and I want to check something in the main folder. To my surprise, all the metadata for these files was gone! Not one file had any metadata, at all. On the process folder, there are still some files and they all have their metadata. What's more bewildering, I move a file from the process folder to the main folder, the metadata disappears!

I opened the metadata.xml file on notepad, and noticed something wrong with it, it doesn't end well.
Other metadata.xml files end like this:


But the one on the main folder ends like this:

<Metadata mode="accumulate"

And then it's followed by thousands and thousands of space characters, a huge slab of blank space.
All of the metadata seems to be still there, but it just doesn't show up on GLI. I am hesitant to rebuild the collection and permanently lose all the metadata.

Please help!

Alejandro Vesga
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