[greenstone-devel] about Chinese collections

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DateThu Jul 29 11:39:09 2010
Subject [greenstone-devel] about Chinese collections

I am studying Information Systems in UK, now i am
preparing for dissertation, my topic is "Using Greenstone 2 and
Greenstone 3 to build a digital libraries", i am interested in this
topic, but now i faced a lot of problems, could you give me some advices
about this software?

I come from China, so i want to build a Chinese collection, but when i
add the Chinese documents, it appeared question mark, attachment is the
problems' screenshots. Could you give me suggestions about how to
resolve this problem.

Other question is about audio collection. I know if i want to add the
audio or video, i should install the media player, but how to install
the media player into Greenstone.

I hope you can give me a reply as soon as possible, thanks very much.

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