[greenstone-devel] Greenstone 2.82 Depositor module

From Gill Sukhvir Singh
DateMon Aug 31 22:49:13 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone 2.82 Depositor module
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Hi ,

We are evaluating Greenstone Digital Library Ver 2.82 on centOS 5.2 . As of now we are able to create Collections using the GLI Tool but are facing issue with the web base depositor Module

1 .We are able to invoke the depositor module
2. Select the Collection required for adding the required document
3. Specify Metadata
4. Select File for depositing
5. Confirm
6. On clicking the deposit Item we are seeing blank page with done seen at the bottom . There is no error on the web console and document is not getting added to the collection

7. On checking the apache error logs we see below errors

database open failed on: /usr/local/Greenstone/etc/key.gdb

Request you to guide us for the resolution link to the above issue .

Thank You and Regards,
Gill Sukhvir Singh

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