[greenstone-devel] Client-gli installation on Windows

From Beth Nicol
DateWed Dec 16 14:56:51 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Client-gli installation on Windows
We are attempting to install only the gli (client-gli) on Windows
workstations for use working with collections residing in Greenstone
(installed on Ubuntu).

The client-gli.bat insists that there is no java installed on the
workstation. Jave JRE is indeed installed on the workstation. And the
JAVA_HOME environment variable has been set to the appropriate location. In
the past, I have installed the full GS distribution on Windows, and this
seems to work without a problem.

Any ideas? We would very much like to make this work -- but I don't think it
is particulary useful to install all of GS when all the user might need is
the client.

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