[greenstone-users] amazon mechanical turk for metadata entry

From Anson Parker
DateMon Dec 28 06:43:02 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] amazon mechanical turk for metadata entry
Aloha - I've got a client that might benefit tremendously from a product such as the amazon mechanical turk

for those unfamiliar mturk allows you to buy simple repetitive tasks on an open market, these tasks are called HITs - short for Human Intelligence Tasks.?

I would like to pay people using mturk to view documents in greenstone and process metadata such as title, author, date, etc... from the scanned in and ocr'd pdf documents.

There are potentially millions of fields, and I've certainly seen grants written for lesser projects.... how would this group propose a workflow for this?? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for the new releases - they keep getting better.... Greenstone remains one of the most versatile and thorough open source products made.


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