[greenstone-users] Very Important - Egypt

From John Rose
DateSun Mar 8 01:23:13 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Very Important - Egypt
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Dear Amr,

Greenstone does not have a system of
representatives since the software is freely
available worldwide as an open source product. We
are however supporting the development of
cooperative regional and linguistic user groups
to promote technical support and sensitisation
activities such as you propose. Although such a
group does not yet formally exist for Arabic
speaking users, there is an Arabic Greenstone
blog site (http://arabicgsdlblog.blogspot.com/)
including instructions on subscribing to the
Arabic discussion list, and the main Greenstone
website is now also presented in Arabic
(http://www.greenstone.org/index_ar) [both thanks
to Kamal Salih Mustafa at the University of Khartoum].

At present we know of only one publicly available
Arabic digital library using Greenstone
You and other developers are invited to provide
links to other examples (such as to that on
Electronic theses in the field of libraries and
information at Egyptian universities) which could
be promoted though the Arabic blog and the
Greenstone examples page (http://www.greenstone.org/examples).

I am taking this opportunity to invite Arabic
speaking users to test the Arabic interface, to
consult among yourselves on the problems and
needs concerning use of Greenstone in the Arab
world, and to contact me individually or
collectively offline at <john.rose1@free.fr> with
proposals on how an Arabic speaking users group
could/should be organised (mandate/activities;
offers of support - particularly from potential
sponsoring institutions; structure and governance
of such a group; and how the Greenstone team could help).

regards, John Rose of Greenstone Team

>From: amr hassan <amr_ftoh2008@yahoo.com>
>To: greenstone-users@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz
>Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 16:55:07 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: [greenstone-users] Very Important - Egypt
>I am One Of professional Greenstone Software in
>Egypt, where I've used the system in the project
>of building a digital library Of The Electronic
>theses in the field of libraries and information's at Egyptian universities.
>Currently I am preparing a Master degree about Greenstone Software .
>I want to be the representative of the
>Greenstone Software in Egypt to seek for the
>deployment of the technical characteristics
>Specialists in the field of library and information in Egypt .
>And sensitization of Specialists in the field of
>library and information in Egypt about Greenstone Software .
>So I want you to give me Certificate indicating
>to I responsible for the Greenstone Software in Egypt .
>Name / Amr Hassan Ftoh
>country / Egypt
>Job/Researcher in Library and information
>Department ?Minya University -Egypt .
>Age/24 year
>Mobile /+020107578100 OR +020125353752
>Address / Egypt ? Minya City ? Center El Minya ?Towa Village

John B. Rose
1 Bis, Rue des Ch?tre-Sacs
92310 S?vres
Email: <john.rose1@free.fr>
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send to <johnrose@alumni.caltech.edu>)