[greenstone-users] error during building...

From Paul Butler
DateThu Mar 26 05:43:02 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] error during building...
Hello all,

I am trying to move a collection from Greenstone 2.?(circa 2004) to 2.81 on a remote server using the command line import/build process.

We have xml files that are in Greenstone Archive file format from the original collection. Reading this (http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/More_about_plugins#How_do_I_get_my_XML_files_into_Greenstone.3F ) I copied the entire collection folder from the old GS install to the new GS installation and skipped the import step and went to the build.pl step. When I try to build I get the error message below. No new index is built.

Does anyone have a suggestion of what might be impeding the build process?

The output:
*** creating the compressed text

collecting text statistics
ArchivesInfPlugin: processing /disk/1/gsdl/collect/chop/archives/archives.inf

mg_passes [-h] [-G] [-D] [-1|-2|-3] [-T1] [-T2] [-I1] [-I2] [-N1]
[-N2] [-W] [-S] [-b buffer-size] [-d dictionary-directory]
[-t trace-point Mb] [-m invf-memory] [-c chunk-limit]
[-n trace-name] [-C comp-stat-size] [-s stem_method]
[-a stemmer] -f doc-collection-name
GreenstoneXMLPlugin: processing CHOP401.dir/doc.xml

Thank You,
Paul B