[greenstone-users] path issue during buildcol.pl?

From Paul Butler
DateSat Mar 28 06:31:05 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] path issue during buildcol.pl?
Hello all,

I am on a Windows machine and am trying to move a collection from Greenstone 2.?(circa 2004) to 2.81 on a remote linux server using the command line import/build process.

I am unable to use buildcol.pl to build a collection. In command line I specify:
buildcol.pl -verbosity 3 -out errors.txt -collectdir /disk/1/gsdl/collect/ modelcol2

When reading the output to screen and errors.txt it seems to stall at GreenstoneXMLPlugin.

Here is the output of errors.txt:
*** creating the compressed text

collecting text statistics
ArchivesInfPlugin: processing /disk/1/gsdl/collect/modelcol2/archives/archives.inf
GreenstoneXMLPlugin: processing CHOP002.dir/doc.xml

My question, is it significant that the full path to CHOP002.dir/doc.xml is not shown like it is for the ArchivesInfPlugin? If so, where/what would I edit to correct this?

Thank You,
Paul B