[greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS collection building

From Katherine Don
DateMon Mar 9 14:06:52 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS collection building
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Dear John and Renate

John Rose wrote:
> Dear Renate,
> The problem with the explode option for CDS/ISIS in version 2.81 was
> discussed previously on the list, and a fix was given on 4 February:
> ...
> Please do try this fix and report if there are still problems. I'm
> asking the Waikato team to confirm that this fix has been incorporated
> in the nightly release snapshots, and also to inform whether the
> problem is restricted to exploding with CDS/ISIS or might occur when
> exploding other database formats as well.
Yes, this fix has been in the nightly releases. And note that I have
just put out a patched GLI. I am not sure about other database formats.
> Concerning the problem of errors when rebuilding an "as is" CDS/ISIS
> collection (bibliographic data only without exploding), you first said
> that it did not work when the comma default for the subfield_separator
> parameter is set in the ISISPlugin but now you are also implying that
> there is a problem with the default of <br> for the entry_separator.
> These parameters are only used to format the data in the built
> collection for screen output, to separate subfields and occurrences of
> repeatable fields respectively. When I try to build the CDS/ISIS
> example collection with 2.81, I get the error "The bad argument
> occurred in plugin ISISPlugin." which goes away when I unselect the
> subfield_separator parameter (not when I change its value). This seems
> to be a bug, asking Waikato colleagues to check. The collection builds
> with the default entry_separator, could you please explain if you
> meant to say that there is also a problem with this parameter?
> Best regards, John
This is a bug. The collect.cfg file is fine if you do command line
building, but a change in GLI (that I made :-( ) means that the ", "
value is not handled properly when it is read in and written back out.
Its not being written out, so the config file ends up broken after being
loaded into GLI. If you unset the option (as its set to the same as the
default anyway), then everything is fine.
I will try to fix this.

We will be making a new release of the example collections to go with
the 2.82 release, so will make sure the cds/isis example works properly
for that.