[greenstone-users] cannot preview Greenstone collection in v 2.81

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateMon Mar 9 14:10:49 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] cannot preview Greenstone collection in v 2.81
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Hi Michael,

When you launch GLI, does a smaller window (the Greenstone local library
server) pop up first and minimise itself before the GLI application
window appears? If so, then it is indeed true that you should not have
to set the preview path in the preferences, since the local library
server ought to do that for you.

It may be that something has gone wrong in your glisite.cfg file. Try
the following to see whether it works for you (it assumes that you have
the latest version of Greenstone 2.81 installed, and not 2.81rc or
1. first close GLI in case it is open.
2. Then go into your top-level greenstone installation directory and
open the file "glisite.cfg", and adjust existing values for the
autoenter and start_browser properties so that they become:

Now try running GLI again. Does the little Greenstone local library
server window pop up this time? And does the preview button work?

If you wanted to try out the web library instead, you will need to get
an external webserver and set it up. I recommend the Apache webserver
since I've successfully used it with Greenstone. A guide for setting it
up with your Greenstone is at
(In step 7 it will tell you what your library path looks like.)

Once you've done all that, if you can rename the "server.exe" file
(which is your local library executable) in your top-level greenstone 2
installation folder to just "server" or something, or else move it out
of the way altogether, then launching GLI should now prompt you for the
web library address you want to work with. Use the one that in step 7 of
configuring your Apache webserver above.

Does this work for you?


> If I go into Preferences and select the Library path I read that I
> need to type http://localhost:8080/greenstone2.
This depends on whether you are using an external webserver (such as
Apache webserver) and have configured it so that it listens for

Michael Manchester wrote:
> Hello:
> I am currently enrolled in a Master's of Library Science program and we
> are using Greenstone in a digital libraries class.
> I spent several hours this afternoon attempting to use the software on my
> home computer. As per the download page, it was explained that the current
> distribution includes both the web library and local library and that GLI
> will use the local library by default.
> The software installs without any problems and I was not asked to choose
> local. However when I gather items into the collection and select build, I
> am unable to preview the page. The button is ghosted. I read online that
> it was necessary to configure the Preferences.
> If I go into Preferences and select the Library path I read that I need to
> type http://localhost:8080/greenstone2. When I type this I am now able to
> select the Preview button but it attempts to connect to the internet. When
> I cancel the connection I get a browser error.
> But apparently it shouldn't be necessary to do such Preferences
> configuration. I was prepared to resort to installing the older version we
> have in class but I can't even find that on Sourceforge as instructed by
> Greenstone. There is a message that 2.80 is released but no option for
> downloading it. When it links back to the Greenstone page on Sourceforge
> only 2.81 is available.
> Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?
> Thank you,
> Michael Manchester
> Ontario, Canada
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