[greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS collection building

From Katherine Don
DateMon Mar 9 15:29:56 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS collection building
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I have fixed this bug. It is committed to svn, and also I have updated
the GLI.jar patch file which you can download from

Thanks for pointing this out.

>> Concerning the problem of errors when rebuilding an "as is" CDS/ISIS
>> collection (bibliographic data only without exploding), you first
>> said that it did not work when the comma default for the
>> subfield_separator parameter is set in the ISISPlugin but now you are
>> also implying that there is a problem with the default of <br> for
>> the entry_separator. These parameters are only used to format the
>> data in the built collection for screen output, to separate subfields
>> and occurrences of repeatable fields respectively. When I try to
>> build the CDS/ISIS example collection with 2.81, I get the error "The
>> bad argument occurred in plugin ISISPlugin." which goes away when I
>> unselect the subfield_separator parameter (not when I change its
>> value). This seems to be a bug, asking Waikato colleagues to check.
>> The collection builds with the default entry_separator, could you
>> please explain if you meant to say that there is also a problem with
>> this parameter?
>> Best regards, John
> This is a bug. The collect.cfg file is fine if you do command line
> building, but a change in GLI (that I made :-( ) means that the ", "
> value is not handled properly when it is read in and written back out.
> Its not being written out, so the config file ends up broken after
> being loaded into GLI. If you unset the option (as its set to the same
> as the default anyway), then everything is fine.
> I will try to fix this.
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