[greenstone-users] Sub-Collection or Cross-collection

From Katherine Don
DateMon Mar 9 15:38:04 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Sub-Collection or Cross-collection
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Hi Ed

Sub collections divide up a collection into parts, eg based on document
type. Rebuilding the collection involves rebuilding the entire thing
each time. So no use for you.

Use super collections and cross collection search. You can modify macros
to hide the cross coll search info on the about and preferences pages.
I can help with this if needed.

The main problem with this is that classifiers don't work across
collections. When you search, you will be searching across all colls,
but when you use classifiers, it will only be whichever collection you
are currently in.
What you could do, is to make the main collection be the one the user
goes to. It is cross coll searching a supplemental collection, where you
add the new docs into. And in that new collection, you have a classifier
which contains all the docs in that collection.
Then from the main collection, add a link in the navigation bar to that
classifier in the extra collection, and call it "new items" or
something. So your main titles and subjects lists (or whatever you have)
will not contain the new stuff, but the user will be able to look at the
"new items" list to see new ones.
Periodically you'll need to add all the new material into the main
collection and rebuild that, so the new list doesn't get too long.
This will involve some macro modifications initially to set it up. I can
help with that too.

Alternatively, what about if you add a new csv file each time for the
new items. Then you could use incremental build and not worry about sub


E Robinson wrote:
> I have a collection that is now growing to a size that it is taking
> quite a while to add new items (I am using metadata in a .csv file, so
> I don't think I can incrementally add items).
> I am not sure about the difference between sub-collections and just
> having different collections with a cross-collection search. I would
> always want searches to be across all collections, so would want the
> fact of their being separate collections behind the initial screen to
> not be evident to users.
> I'd appreciate comments - or advice as to where in the documentation
> the difference between sub and cross - collections is explained. Do
> any of the demonstration collections illustrate these?
> Thanks
> Ed Robinson
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