[greenstone-users] Goto box and PageGroup problem

From Katherine Don
DateMon Mar 23 13:09:16 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Goto box and PageGroup problem
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Hi Vladimir

Sorry it has taken so long to reply.

I have just tried a collection using structure like you have below. The
-documenttype paged option is only for linear documents, ie no
pagegroups allowed. For paged documents greenstone assumes that there
are sections id.1 id.2 id.3 etc up to the number of sections. But in the
case below, the sections will be id.1, id.1.1, id.2, id.2.1 etc. So the
runtime code will be assuming something that isn't true.

The documenttype option should be set to reflect the structure of your
documents, and yours are hierarchical.


Vladimir R. Risojevic wrote:
> Dear all,
> I asked this a while ago, but there were no answers, so I decided to try
> again. I have a PagedImage
> collection with the following structure:
> <PagedDocument>
> <Metadata name="dc.Title">Book Title</Metadata>
> <PageGroup>
> <Metadata name="dc.Title">Chapter 1</Metadata>
> <Page pagenum="1" imgfile="page1.tif" txtfile="page1.txt" />
> ...
> </PageGroup>
> <PageGroup>
> <Metadata name="dc.Title">Chapter 2</Metadata>
> <Page ... />
> ...
> </PageGroup>
> ...
> </PagedDocument>
> When I build it with -documenttype paged option of the PagedImagePlugin the
> goto box is shown but it doesn't work. I'm using Greenstone 2.81. Are the
> PageGroups problem? Has anyone seen something similar? How to work around it?
> Vladimir Risojevic
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