[greenstone-devel] UPDATE on ---Issue in creating streaming video library

From s2008 g
DateThu Mar 12 22:39:10 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] UPDATE on ---Issue in creating streaming video library
Hello All,

Updating the video streaming issue...

When opening the html file in IE :
1. StreamingMediaPlayer.msi is not getting opened
2. Audio file is getting opened in Streaming media player.But when the same
file is opened in greenstone it is not getting opened.In greenstone it is
showing the same error as "Web Page not found"
Hello All,

I followed the setup by step by procedure as mentioned in link to create
video library.
http://greenstone.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Video_Library. But I?m
unable to open the video or the streaming player.
*I have installed Media server configurator v5.5*
The problems encountered are:

1. Firstly, In the Media server configurator where we can the file that are
placed in local directory. The description of StreamingMediaPlayer.msi shows
file not supported.

2. Secondly, I have created the html file same as written in document (video
file changed).When I open that file in greenstone the link to
StreamingMediaPlayer.msi shows ?Page Not found?. The link which is shown in
the url is http://localhost/videofiles/StreamingMediaPlayer.msi.

3. Lastly,When clicking the link to the video file it shows ?Web page
cannot be found?The issue here is, the link which the URL shows is
When checked the greenstone folder there is no such folder as
HASH3d36.dir/mgmt.wma got created. however the build was successful.

Eagerly waiting for reply.

Thanks and regards
Sreeja G
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