[greenstone-users] Using Greestone from a remote server (IIS)

From Chedza Molefe
DateFri Mar 20 02:20:22 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Using Greestone from a remote server (IIS)
We are running Greenstone 2.80
?????????????? IIS
We are struggling to work with this from a remote server. We are now able to see the Greenstone from the? client, however as soon as one clicks on librarian interface, the following error message appear consecutively:
1. Unable to get list of classifiers using classinfo.pl_listall
2. Unable to get list of plugs using plugsinfo.pl_listall
then the system shuts down.
We have follwed the instruction as given on the Wiki but the problem persists. Can someone help us please

Chedza Molefe
African Union Commission
P.O. Box 200189
Addis Ababa

Tel. 00251 11 551 0358
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