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Subject [greenstone-users] Digital library project
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You would have to install the MSWord and PDF collection in order to base a new collection on it. There should be links in the tutorials to download the collection (though it has been some time since I last looked). Once you have that collection installed, it will be an option on which to base your new collection.

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To Whom It May Concern:
I am a grad student at Southern Ct State University. I am using Greenstone to create a digital library for one of my courses.
I want to model my DL after the MSWord and PDF Demonstration Collection. When I go to create it using the librarian Interface in Greenstone, it gives only two options, new collection or greenstone demo. In the users manual, on page 2, the manual gives an example of starting a new collection. In the" base this collection on" box, the creator actually types in the Development Library Subset Collection. How would I go about doing the same, only using the MSWord and PDF collection? It isn't letting me type in that option. Or do I need to select the Greenstone Demo and create it? I have been looking at the Greenstone Tutorial Exercises in the Greenstone Wiki, (A collection of Word and PDF files, Formatting the Word and PDF collection), which says to base it on a new collection. I'm getting confused.
I installed Greenstone win 32.exe version, 2.81, and I have Vista Home Premium 2007. Do I need to install windows binary, or does that matter. Please let me know asap. Thanks.

June Artman

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