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Subject [greenstone-devel] RE: [greenstone-users] importing metadata from marc file
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I have only played with this a little but here is my current understanding.

Greenstone has a plugin for MARC and MARCXML. You should put -associate_ext html on the plugin line for whichever plugin you choose and do not include any plugin to process the html files directly. There must be a 1 to 1 correspondence between the marc files and the html files. The html files and the marc files must have the same basename (page1.mrc, page1.html) for this to work properly.

I will be doing something similar over the next few weeks with marcxml records and pdf files.
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Subject: [greenstone-users] importing metadata from marc file

hello i got a question

i got a collection of html files and want to import there metadata is marc
is there a functionality in GS for me to import my collections metadata from marc file as my html metadata

please help
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