[greenstone-users] chronological sorting and thumbnail resizing

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateThu Apr 2 14:25:16 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] chronological sorting and thumbnail resizing
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Hi Michael,

I don't know about your second question, but thought that the following
Greenstone tutorial page may help with the first, at least with the
display of the dates:

To confirm whether it is indeed relevant to your situation, you may want
to first read steps 11 and 12 on that page.


Michael Manchester wrote:
> Hello:
> Despite some effort to resolve these two questions using online resources,
> I cannot determine the proper procedure and was hoping someone could help.
> First, I have two browsing classifiers containing images and want to sort
> them by the date metadata. The dates were added in dc.Date using yyyymmdd
> format (ie. 19890113) but they are not appearing in chronological order.
> Of course, even if they appeared by date I would want it displayed in a
> more conventional manner (ie. January 13, 1989). How do I accomplish this.
> Second, I would like to resize a vertical thumbnail to match the width of
> two other horizontal thumbnails.
> Can anyone explain or point me to a specific resource that would be able
> to answer these two issues.
> Thank you for any assistance.
> Michael Manchester
> Ontario, Canada
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