[greenstone-users] chronological sorting and thumbnail resizing

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateThu Apr 2 14:51:34 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] chronological sorting and thumbnail resizing
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Hi again Michael,

Please read the previous email I just sent first.

About sorting by date, I think this is possible by adjusting the
instructions at step 9 of the tutorial
* Switch to the Design panel and select the Browsing Classifiers section.
* Add an AZCompactList classifier. Select dc.Format as the metadata
field and specify "browse" as the buttonname. Click the sort checkbox,
and select ex.Title in the drop-down list: this will make the classifier
display documents in alphabetical order of title.

While I can't confirm the following at the moment, since I am in the
middle of adjusting some code before I can try out anything, in your
place, I would try
- adding a DateList classifier using the drop-down box near the bottom
of GLI's Design Panel.
- when you press the Add Classifier button, tick the Sort checkbox and
choose to sort on dc.Date. Maybe you need to set the metadata to dc.Date
too, I'm not too sure. Try rebuilding it and see what is best.

Good luck,

Michael Manchester wrote:
> Hello:
> Despite some effort to resolve these two questions using online resources,
> I cannot determine the proper procedure and was hoping someone could help.
> First, I have two browsing classifiers containing images and want to sort
> them by the date metadata. The dates were added in dc.Date using yyyymmdd
> format (ie. 19890113) but they are not appearing in chronological order.
> Of course, even if they appeared by date I would want it displayed in a
> more conventional manner (ie. January 13, 1989). How do I accomplish this.
> Second, I would like to resize a vertical thumbnail to match the width of
> two other horizontal thumbnails.
> Can anyone explain or point me to a specific resource that would be able
> to answer these two issues.
> Thank you for any assistance.
> Michael Manchester
> Ontario, Canada
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