[greenstone-users] Help Request

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Apr 3 19:21:31 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Help Request
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Hi Lovemore,

Biju R recently answered just such a question on the mailing list. The
following is what he wrote:
> Biju R wrote:
> Dear Emmanuel,
> The following steps may be useful for customizing your greenstone
home page.
> 1) Create a new home page for your Digital Library as per your design.
> 2) Copy and paste the html code of your page in between *{ }* in the
> *yourhome.dm <http://yourhome.dm>* (greenstone2/macros/). Please note
> the instructions given in yourhome.dm <http://yourhome.dm> also. Save
> your images in the greenstone/images folder.
> 3) Edit the main.cfg (greenstone2/etc/). Replace home.dm
> <http://home.dm> with yourhome.dm <http://yourhome.dm> in the macro
> files section. It will be look like:
> # The list of display macro files used by this receptionist
> macrofiles tip.dm <http://tip.dm> style.dm <http://style.dm> base.dm
> <http://base.dm> query.dm <http://query.dm> help.dm <http://help.dm>
> pref.dm <http://pref.dm> about.dm <http://about.dm>
> document.dm <http://document.dm> browse.dm <http://browse.dm>
> status.dm <http://status.dm> authen.dm <http://authen.dm> users.dm
> <http://users.dm> html.dm <http://html.dm>
> extlink.dm <http://extlink.dm> gsdl.dm <http://gsdl.dm>
> extra.dm <http://extra.dm> *yourhome.dm <http://yourhome.dm>* collect.dm
> <http://collect.dm> docs.dm <http://docs.dm>
> bsummary.dm <http://bsummary.dm> gti.dm <http://gti.dm>
> gli.dm <http://gli.dm> nav_css.dm <http://nav_css.dm> usability.dm
> <http://usability.dm>
> ...
> 4) Save the file and restart the digital library. Now your new home page
> will be loaded.
> Hope it would be helpful for you.
> With regards
> Biju R
> For Greenstone Support for South Asia

Lovemore Mangena wrote:
> Can anyone explain to me how i can customise the greenstone home
> interface. Iam new in greenstone and would like to remove the default
> home page, so that i can put my own interface