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From Emanuel Dejanu
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Subject [greenstone-devel] Re: Greenstone cost
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Dear Linh,

The Greenstone system is under GPL licence so there is no cost involved when
running Greenstone on a server. If you want to incorporate parts of it in
your commercial application then you must aquire a special licence. But if
you want to incorporate parts in an open source application then you do not
need other licence.

This is my understanding of the GPL licence. I am not a lawer.

We use it for many libraries like:







Emanuel Dejanu

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My name is Linh and i'm a final year Library student, for my final project i
have to build a Integrated library system. I don't really have a budget for
this project and that is why i decided to use Greenstone. I was just
wondering if there are any addition cost involved with running Greenstone
such as using the Greenstone server etc? Also is there any other software
that i need to download to use Greenstone?

A reply would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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