From Tsakonas Giannis
DateThu May 21 09:14:55 2009
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13th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL 2009): Digital
September 27 - October 2, 2009, Corfu, Greece


The Organizing Committee of ECDL 2009 would like to remind that the
deadline for paper submission to the Doctoral Consortium is on June 1 2009.

An extended version of each of the presented doctoral research work will be
published after the conference in a special issue of the TCDL Bulletin, the
publication of the IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Digital Libraries.

PhD students are encouraged to submit an extended abstract of their on
going research to the ECDL 2009 Doctoral Consortium by mail to both ECDL
Doctoral Consortium chairs: Prof. Panos Constantopoulos (panosc@aueb.gr)
and Prof. Nicolas Spyratos (spyratos@lri.fr). Please use the subject line:
ECDL 2009 Doctoral Consortium Paper Submission b Your Last Name.


List of Accepted Papers

a) Full papers

- "A compressed self-indexed representation of XML documents"B by Nieves R.
Brisaboa, Ana Cerdeira-Pena and Gonzalo Navarro
- "A concept for using combined multimodal queries in digital music
libraries"B by David Damm, Frank Kurth, Christian Fremerey and Michael
- "A hybrid distributed architecture for indexing"B by Ndapandula Nakashole
and Hussein Suleman
- "Adding quality-awareness to evaluate migration web-services and remote
emulation for digital preservation"B by Christoph Becker, Hannes Kulovits,
Michael Kraxner, Riccardo Gottardi, Andreas Rauber and Randolph Welte
- "An empirical study of user navigation during document triage"B by
Fernando Loizides and George Buchanan
- "Annotation search: the FAST way"B by Nicola Ferro
- "Chance encounters in the digital library"B by Elaine Toms and Lori
- "Collaborative ownership in cross-cultural educational digital library
design"B by Pauline Ngimwa, Anne Adams and Josh Underwood
- "Comparing Google to Ask-a-librarian service for answering factual and
topical questions"B by Pertti Vakkari and Mari Taneli
- "Document word clouds: visualising web documents as tag clouds to aid
users in relevance decisions"B by Thomas Gottron
- "ESciDoc infrastructure: a Fedora-based e-research framework"B by
Matthias Razum, Frank Schwichtenberg, Steffen Wagner and Michael Hoppe
- "Evaluation in context"B by Jaap Kamps, Mounia Lalmas and Birger Larsen
- "Exploratory web searching with dynamic taxonomies and results
clustering"B by Panagiotis Papadakos, Stella Kopidaki, Nikos Armenatzoglou
and Yannis Tzitzikas
- "Formalising a model for digital rights clearance"B by Claudio Prandoni,
Marlis Valentini and Martin Doerr
- "Functional adaptivity for digital library services in e-infrastructures:
the gCube approach"B by Fabio Simeoni, Leonardo Candela, David Lievens and
Pasquale Pagano
- "Hear it is: enhancing rapid document browsing with sound cues"B by
Parisa Eslambochilar, George Buchanan and Fernando Loizides
- "Improving OCR accuracy for classical critical editions"B by Federico
Boschetti, Matteo Romanello, Alison Babeu, David Bamman and Gregory Crane
- "Just one bit in a million: on the effects of data corruption in
files"B by Volker Heydegger
- "Leveraging the legacy of conventional libraries for organizing digital
libraries"B by Arash Joorabchi and Abdulhussain E. Mahdi
- "Managing the knowledge creation process of large-scale evaluation
campaigns"B by Marco Dussin and Nicola Ferro
- "Matching multi-lingual subject vocabularies"B by Shenghui Wang, Antoine
Issac, Balthasar Schopman, Stefan Schlobach and Lourens van der Meij
- "Significance is in the eye of the stakeholder"B by Angela Dappert and
Adam Farquhar
- "Stress-testing general purpose digital library software"B by David
Bainbridge, Ian Witten, Stefan Boddie and John Thompson
- "Superimposed image description and retrieval for fish species
identification"B by Uma Murthy, Edward Fox, Yinlin Chen, Eric Hallerman,
Ricardo Torres, Evandro Ramos and Tiago Falcao
- "Supporting the creation of scholarly bibliographies"B by communities
through online reputation based social collaboration"B by Hamed Alhoori,
Omar Clvarez, Richard Furuta, Miguel MuC1iz and Eduardo Urbina
- "The NESTOR framework: how to handle hierarchical data structures"B by
Nicola Ferro and Gianmaria Silvello
- "Using semantic technologies in digital libraries - a roadmap to quality
evaluation"B by Sascha TC6nnies and Wolf-Tilo Balke
- "Wikisearch - from access to use"B by Elaine Toms, Lori Mccay-Peet and
Tayze Mackenzie.

b) Short Papers

- "A visualization technique for quality control of massive digitization
programs"B by Rodrigo Andrade de Almeida, Pedro Alessio, Alexandre Topol
and Pierre Cubaud
- "Creating visualisations for digital document indexing"B by Jennifer
Pearson, George Buchanan and Harold Thimbleby
- "Developing query patterns"B by Panos Constantopoulos, Vicky Dritsou and
Eugenie Foustoucos
- "How people read books online: mining and visualizing web logs for use
information"B by Rong Chen, Anne Rose and Benjamin B. Bederson
- "Usability evaluation of a multimedia archive: B@bele"B by Roberta
Caccialupi, Licia Calvi, Maria Cassella and Georgia Conte
- "User engagement in research data curation"B by Luis Martinez-Uribe and
Stuart Macdonald

c) Posters

- "A gateway to the knowledge in Taiwan's digital archives"B by Tzu-Yen
Hsu, Ting-Hua Chen, Chung-Hsi Hung and Keh-Jiann Chen
- "Conceptual discovery of educational resources through learning
objectives"B by Stuart Sutton and Diny Golder
- "Data recovery from distributed personal repositories"B by Rudolf Mayer,
Robert Neumayer and Andreas Rauber
- "Developing a digital libraries master's programme"B by Elena Maceviciute
and Tom Wilson
- "Digital preservation and access of audio heritage: a case study for
phonographic discs"B by Sergio Canazza and Nicola Orio
- "Gaining access to decentralised library resources using location-aware
services"B by Bjarne Sletten Olsen and Ingeborg SC8lvberg
- "Improving annotations in digital documents"B by Jennifer Pearson and
George Buchanan
- "Improving information retrieval effectiveness in peer-to-peer networks
through query piggybacking"B by Emanuele Di Buccio, Ivano Masiero and
Massimo Melucci
- "JSTOR - data for research"B by John Burns, Alan Brenner, Keith Kiser,
Michael Krot, Clare Llewellyn and Ronald Snyder
- "Organizing learning objects for personalized eLearning services"B by
Naimdjon Takhirov, Ingeborg T. SC8lvberg and Trond Aalberg
- "Recollection: integrating data through access"B by Laura Campbell
- "Searching archival finding aids: retrieval in original order?"B by Junte
Zhang and Jaap Kamps
- "Searching in a book"B by Veronica Liesaputra, Ian H. Witten and David
- "Securing the iRODS metadata catalog for digital preservation"B by
GonC'alo Antunes and JosC) Barateiro
- "SyGAR - a synthetic data generator for evaluating name disambiguation
methods"B by Anderson Ferreira, Marcos GonC'alves, Jussara Almeida, Alberto
Laender and Adriano Veloso
- "The DiSCmap Project: overview and first results"B by Duncan Birrell,
Milena Dobreva and Kathleen Menzies
- "The Planets interoperability framework: an infrastructure for digital
preservation actions"B by Ross King, Rainer Schmidt, - Andrew N. Jackson,
Carl Wilson and Fabian Steeg
- "Thematic digital libraries at the university of Porto: metadata
integration over a repository infrastructure"B by Isabel Barroso, Marta
Azevedo and Cristina Ribeiro
- "Workflow of a digital mathematics library"B by Petr Sojka
- "Workspace narrative exploration: overcoming interruption-caused context
loss in information seeking tasks"B by Youngjoo Park and Richard Furuta

d) Demos

- "A visualization tool of probabilistic models for information access
components"B by Lorenzo De Stefani, Girogio Maria Di Nunzio and Giorgio
- "A voice-oriented image cataloguing environment"B by JosC) CanC3s, Manuel
Llavador, Carlos Castillo, Pablo MuC1oz and HC)ctor Valero
- "A web-based demo to interactive multimodal transcription of historic
text images"B by VerC3nica Romero, Luis A. Leiva, Vicente Alabau, Alejandro
Hector Toselli and Enrique Vidal
- "Active preservation"B by Robert Sharpe and Adrian Brown
- "Building standardized digital collections: ResCarta Tools, a demo"B by
John Sarnowski and Samuel Kessel
- "Cultural heritage digital libraries on data grids"B by Antonio
Calanducci, Jorge Sevilla, Roberto Barbera, Giuseppe Andronico, Monica
Saso, Alessandro De Filippo, Stefania Iannizzotto, Francesco De Mattia and
Domenico Vicinanza
- "Digital libraries - new landscapes for lifelong learning? The
bInfoLitGlobal - ProjectbB by Heike vom Orde
- "Digital mechanism and gear library - multimedia collection of text,
pictures and physical models"B by Rike Brecht, Torsten Brix, Ulf DC6ring,
Heidi KrC6mker, Veit Henkel and Michael Reessing
- "Geographic information retrieval and digital libraries"B by Ray Larson
- "GROBID: combining automatic bibliographic data recognition and term
extraction for scholarship publications"B by Patrice Lopez
- "Hoppla - digital preservation support for small institutions"B by
Stephan Strodl, Florian Motlik and Andreas Rauber
- "Information environment metadata schema registry"B by Emma Tonkin
- "PROBADO3D - progress in putting innovative digital library services for
architectural data into practice"B by Rene Bernd, Ina Bluemel, Harald
Krottmaier, Raoul Wessel and Tobias Schreck
- "REPOX - a framework for metadata interchange"B by Diogo Reis, Nuno
Freire, Hugo Manguinhas and Gilberto Pedrosa
- "SMART Finder - based on social rank and topic sensitive social rank
algorithm in social networks"B by Gunwoo Park
- "User interface for a geo-temporal search service using DIGMAP
components"B by Jorge Machado, Gilberto Pedrosa, Nuno Freire, Bruno Martins
and Hugo Manguinhas


See you in Corfu this September.