[greenstone-users] metadata into UTF-8

From Libby Cass
DateTue May 12 09:18:59 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] metadata into UTF-8

Please see below a query from Nikolaos Raptis Central Library of University
of Ioannina Greece - that was received by me.

I have advised him that I would forward is query to the greenstone users and
developers list. If people can assist him please reply to Nikolaos email
nraptis@cc.uoi.gr I gave him the link to join the mailing lists - but he
may not be a member as yet.

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From: nraptis [mailto:nraptis@cc.uoi.gr]
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 8:26 PM
To: paddle@usp.ac.fj
Subject: to greenstone webmaster

my name is Nikolaos Raptis and I work in the Central Library of University
of Ioannina Greece (www.lib.uoi.gr <http://www.lib.uoi.gr/> ).
I have a problem with the oaiserver of the greenstone software and I have
see that yours is working fine. Actually I can't convert my metadata into
UTF-8. If you enter here
ix=oai_dc> &metadataPrefix=oai_dc on your site you gonna see that the
encoding is utf-8.
Can you please tell me what changes have you done into the software so it
can encode metadata to UTF-8?

Thanks in advance
NIkolaos Raptis

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