[greenstone-devel] Powerpoint Plugin didn't work

From Tong Vuu
DateSat May 30 22:28:50 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Powerpoint Plugin didn't work
Have a good day,
I have a question about greenstone.
I have installed GreenStone 2.81 on Window XP SP1 and built some
All thing are good except i can't import my Powerpoint document to my
I also converted my powerpoint file to powerpoint 95 but it no help.
I got these messages :

import.pl> Converting bai4.ppt to HTML format
import.pl> Powerpoint 95/97 converter failed
import.pl> Could not convert bai4.ppt to HTML format
import.pl> WARNING: No plugin could process bai4.ppt
import.pl> *********************************************
import.pl> Import complete
import.pl> *********************************************
import.pl> * 1 document was considered for processing
import.pl> * 0 were processed and included in the collection
import.pl> * 1 was rejected

Can you tell me reason of errors and how to solve it ?
Thanks in advances.
V?u V?n T?ng
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