[greenstone-users] Testing of bibliographic plugins

From John Rose
DateMon May 4 19:11:10 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Testing of bibliographic plugins
Dear Colleagues,

In order to ensure that the plugins which permit importing of
bibliographic databases into Greenstone and exploding these databases
function correctly in the next version of Greenstone (2.82 foreseen
for release on 31 May), we invite the participation of users in
testing these plugins in version 2.82rc which will be released soon.

At the same time we would like to identify regular users and
potential users of these plugins in order to learn about their extent
of use, and to identify needs to upgrade these plugins (some of which
were developed specific applications and may not have the full
functionality found in others).

The bibliographic plugins are BibTex, ISIS, Marc, OAI, ProCite and Refer.

If you are interested in the testing and development of one or more
of these plugins, you are invited to volunteer on this list or to
contact me individually.

Thanks and best regards, John Rose of Greenstone Team