[greenstone-users] Password Protecting a Collection

From Katherine Don
DateSun May 10 15:17:21 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Password Protecting a Collection
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Hi Ed

Apart from modifying the users.db file directly as Diego pointed out,
the admin web interface is the only way that Greenstone supplies for
adding/changing users.

You'll probably need to create your own program to do it.


E Robinson wrote:
> I've now realised that what I asked for is one of the options already
> built in to Greenstone - I was confusing it with protecting all
> documents in a collection which is what the example collection does.
> The method of adding a user appears to be one at a time. I am likely
> to have say 500 users, and I would like to be able to change them in
> bulk. I can also envisage users writing to say they have forgotten
> their password, or being concerned that they cannot change the initial
> password they were first registered with.
> 1. Is there a method of creating a file of users in bulk?
> 2. Is there some code that allows users to change their password, and
> to automatically reset passwords when someone loses their password?
> I realise this is probably away from Greenstone, and I may have to get
> someone to do some programming for me. but its worth asking!
> Thanks
> Ed Robinson
> E Robinson wrote:
>> I would like to password protect a collection from the "about" page
>> rather than at the individual document level (so that a person can
>> see the about page to read a description of what is in the
>> collection, but not see listings or make a search without a password.)
>> Is this possible within Greenstone?
>> Thanks
>> Ed Robinson
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