[greenstone-users] Documented example collections 2.82rc version released.

From Katherine Don
DateWed May 20 13:54:00 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Documented example collections 2.82rc version released.
Hi everyone

A new version of the documented example collections has been created.

The collections and collection descriptions have all been updated to be
valid for the new 2.82rc Greenstone release. The descriptions are in the
process of being translated into French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and

There will be a 2.82 proper release once we have done the 2.82 release
of Greenstone, and once all the translations have been done.

In the meantime, if anyone felt generous enough to download and have a
look at them, it would be much appreciated.
Any problems with rebuilding, or viewing the collections should be sent
to the mailing list. Any comments/suggestions for the collection
descriptions would also be welcome.

The package can be downloaded from www.greenstone.org/download, or from