[greenstone-users] 2.82rc bibtex records

From Katherine of Greenstone Team
DateFri May 22 12:35:41 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] 2.82rc bibtex records
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Hi Nadia

Thanks for trying out 2.82rc :-)

Are you exploding using the Librarian Interface? When you select
explode, in the popup window there is an option to select which metadata
set the data should be exploded into. The default is exp, and the other
options are whatever metadata sets your collection is using. So if your
collection uses dublin core, then you should be able to select dublin
core here and have the metadata saved as dc.

Does that help?

nadia k wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I was fine rebuilding my collection under 2.82rc, windows environment.
> But I have a question: Why don't we have the dublin core
> for exploded bibtex data anymore?
> regards,
> nadia.
> <http://brasil.microsoft.com.br/IE8/mergulhe/?utm_source=MSN%3BHotmail&utm_medium=Tagline&utm_campaign=IE8>