[greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.82 rc

From Katherine of Greenstone Team
DateFri May 29 13:34:02 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.82 rc
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Hi Binu

What operating system are you using? Which indexer are you using - mg,
mgpp, lucene?
are you using local library or web library?
Are you building using GLI? try setting GLI to expert mode
(file->preferences->mode) then rebuilding. do you get any errors then? -
if your collection takes a long time to build, set the maxdocs import
option to eg 10.

are there any relevant errors in greenstone/etc/error.txt? - look at the
last few lines of this just after doing a search.
if you are using a webserver, eg apache or IIS, are there any errors in
the web server error log after a search?

are you using plain or form searching?


Binu A wrote:
> Dear Associates
> I'm Binu A from Cochin, India. I have build a "pdf books" collections.
> Total size of my files is 2gb (before building). I have successfully
> completed the build process. But, the collection is not searchable.
> Whenever i give some search keyword, it gives a blank page.
> Please help me to chalk out this problem.
> Regards
> Binu