[greenstone-users] OAI Document Download Server Requirements

From Brad Rhoads
DateSat May 30 04:03:54 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] OAI Document Download Server Requirements
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Hi Diego,

I'd be pleased if this system ends up getting wider use. It will
(eventually) be available to anyone who wants it at
http://www.maflt.org. The project plan is to start testing 6/15,
however I'm way behind.

The data entry/work flow system is MySQL + Spring Application
Framework (Java) + ZK Application Framework (a very nice Java/XUL
based tool for front end development: http://www.zkoss.org).

The middleware is OAICAT (http://alcme.oclc.org/oaicat/index.html)
which will expose the data via OAI-PMH. So then Greenstone should be
able to import the metadata and the documents. (I'm still waiting to
hear what the server needs to provide so Grenstone can get the actual


On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 8:26 AM, Diego Spano <dspano@orsna.gov.ar> wrote:
> Brad,
> The system you are developing seems to be very very good. I also think that
> document entry in a weak point of Greenstone, so the development of new
> tools to load documents into collections are very necessary.
> Which programing language are you writing in?
> Regards
> Diego Spano
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> Hi Everyone,
> I'm just getting started with a digital library project. I'm
> developing a system focused on metadata entry, including user security
> and work flow. The intention is to use this system to create
> Greenstone collections. If anyone's interested, a very rough prototype
> is at http://flashlit.serveall.net/flashlit. Now that I've introduced
> myself a bit, here's my question.
> I was excited to see that in the Greenstone OAI import there's a get
> document checkbox. The OAI-PMH standard only addresses metadata, not
> the transfer of the actual document. So my questions is what is are
> the requirments for Greenstone to be able to download a document? My
> guess is that it needs a URL to the document in the dc.identifier
> field. Is that correct? Any other details?
> Thanks!
> Brad Rhoads
> MAF Learning Technologies
> http://www.maflt.org
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