[greenstone-devel] Using SQLite

From PG-PG-Kriwaczek, Alexander
DateTue May 26 22:55:25 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Using SQLite

I'm a student on the MSc in Library and Information Studies course at City University London and for my individual project will be building a small digital library, based on a special collection of Victorian magazines held by our library. There is already an index to the articles, including keywords.

I will be teaching myself Perl and CGI scripting so that I can customise the Greenstone interface, but would in addition like to offer some kind of faceted search. However, I do not have a computer science background, have no knowledge at all of C++ and doubt that I will have time to become competant in this language in the time available.

I notice that the latest release of Greenstone 2 allows you to store the metadata in a SQLite database. Would it be possible, in theory, to add extra tables to the SQLite database to hold a keyword taxonomy and write one's own Perl code to query the database and produce a search interface to the digital library, whose results are based on joint queries to the metadata and taxonomy tables?


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