[greenstone-users] 2.82rc MARCXMLPlugin testing

From Belanger, Arthur
DateWed May 27 03:42:57 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] 2.82rc MARCXMLPlugin testing
My early testing of the MARCXMLPlugin found a couple of problems.

1. The plugin line I used is:

plugin MARCXMLPlugin -associate_ext pdf -metadata_mapping_file marc2qdc.txt

I intended for the plugin to use my own mapping file located in the collection's etc directory. The plugin did use it but it also extracted a dc.Title field from the record even though it was not in my mapping file. I used DC.Title in the mapping file with subfield specifications. My metadata was extracted properly and no other fields from the system mapping file were extracted. This does not happen in version 2.81.

1. For the import process, I used the following command line:

Import.pl -removeold -OIDtype assigned -OIDmetadata DC.Identifier collectionname

The process did extract the DC.Identifier metadata properly but appended a space both in the DC.Identidier field and the greenstone Identifier field, e.g. "8549363 " instead of "8549363". This behavior also differs from version 2.81 where the field was preceeded by a "D", e.g. "D8549363". I don't really care about the missing "D" but the trailing space is problematic.. The directories that get created in the archives directory contain a space in the name, e.g., "8549363 .dir". pluginfo.pl indicates that the "D" should still be there.

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