[greenstone-users] question about metadata sets

From j.eustis@neu.edu
DateTue May 19 07:32:03 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] question about metadata sets
I have two questions for the community.

1) I am using GEMS to create new metadata sets. Everything seems to be
fine. However, some time after I create a set, data is missing. This data
can be either comments, a definition, or even a subelement of an element.
I have deleted such metadata sets and create them again from scratch but I
am having the same problems. In terms of the missing subelements, this
only happens when I create something like:

Element 1
Subelement 1 of element 1
subelement 2 of the subelement 1....
subelement 3 of the subelement 2
In this case, I am losing either subelement 2 or 3 or both. This does not
happen all the time and doesn't happen with any set frequency or pattern.

2) Is anyone mixing and matching various metadata sets? Are you mixing
with complete metadata sets or creating subsets of larger sets to fit your
collections' metadata? The reason I ask is what type of preservation will
be involved with mixing and matching metadata sets or created a unique set
made of elements taken from other sets? In short, is it better to stay
with only 1 metadata set?

Jennifer M. Eustis
Catalog/Metadata Librarian
260 Snell Library
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-373-7102
Email: j.eustis@neu.edu
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