[greenstone-devel] Problem with DSpacePlugin

From Pongtawat Chippimolchai
DateWed Nov 25 03:47:11 2009
Subject [greenstone-devel] Problem with DSpacePlugin

There is a small problem with DSpacePlugin in Greenstone 2: It use
metadata value from dublin_core.xml as-is, which mean it pass some
non-valid data into Greenstone. For example, if some data contains
"[word]", the "[word]" will be treated as macro crash Greenstone in some
case and just disappear in the other.

I found that List (GenericList) have most problem with these metadata.
If I use List to classify metadata with "[...]" value, it will always
crash Greenstone Server. Other classifier like SimpleList seem to handle
this better. The value just disappear.

The attached patch for Greenstone 2.83 add a simple escape to
DSpacePlugin.pm to correct this.

In addition, the patch also change the way the plugin handle
dc.description metadata from DSpace. Orginally, the plugin will just
drop all dc.description. Since DSpace use only dc.description.provenance
for its generated data and there are other useful qualified
dc.description (e.g. dc.description.tableofcontents), the plugin should
drop only dc.description.provenance used by DSpace.

Pongtawat Chippimolchai
KIDS-D Project
Asian Institute of Technology

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