[greenstone-users] Changing where the "Home" button goes

From E Robinson
DateSat Nov 14 23:10:00 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Changing where the "Home" button goes
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I have a single collection, and I removed the initial "Home" page by

/ cgiarg shortname=p argdefault=home /


/ cgiarg shortname=p argdefault=about /

in main.cfg

When using the collection however there is still a "Home" page button,
which does not go to the collection's initial "About" page, but back to
the initial; page for selection of a collection. How do I make the
"Home" button enable users to go back to the About page?

I would like to set the default for search term highlighting to "on".
Do I add
cgiarg shortname=hl argefault=1
to the cfg file?

Ed Robinson
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