[greenstone-users] Greenstone2.83 Released

From Katherine Don
DateWed Dec 16 14:01:16 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone2.83 Released
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Hi John

Yes, installation of 2.83 will result in another apache being installed.
The apache-httpd folder should be inside the top level greenstone folder.
We install it ourselves to make installation easier for the user.

We could add an option to the installer to not install apache?

If you have an existing apache that you want to use, you can delete the
greenstone/apache-httpd folder, and the gs2-server.sh/bat script.

I have modified the release notes to include more information about apache:

John Rose wrote:
> Dear Katherine,
> Please see my additional question below, thanks and best regards, John
>> At 00:49 16/12/2009, you wrote:
>> Hi John
>> We are no longer using the stable/unstable distinction. Now, if we
>> want something tested before making the final release, we do a
>> release candidate (and in the future, will emphasize that only
>> experienced users should download it for testing). We now consider
>> all our greenstone 2 releases "stable".
> This is fine and clear.
>> Greenstone binary releases will, at this stage, always install
>> Apache. If you wish to use an existing Apache (or other web server),
>> then you need to rename the apache-httpd folder to something else,
>> and set up your Apache appropriately.
>> The Greenstone installation will not modify an external Apache.
> Here I feel that more advice is needed for non-expert users. I have
> Greenstone 2.82 running fine on my Apache server. Now do I understand
> that the installation of 2.83 will cause a second Apache server to be
> installed? I guess it means that if I am serving only Greenstone I
> should logically disinstall my existing server (the release notes
> should inform on this?) or otherwise I should disinstall the new
> server and possibly modify the configuration of my existing server for
> 2.83 (would possibly need guidance for both steps).
> I am not sure what the apache-httpd folder you mention is. I now have
> an "Apache HTTP Server 2.2" folder under Program Files (called
> Programs in Vista). Do you mean that I will get a second Apache
> installation under Program Files and that I should rename it? But in
> that case, why can't I just delete it to save disk space? I would
> suggest giving more complete/clear guidance, hard for me to understand
> why we are installing another Apache server.
>> Regards,
>> Katherine
>> John Rose wrote:
>> Thanks, Oran.
>> It would be nice for users to know whether version 2.83 is considered
>> an "unstable" release (as has been in the past the case for odd
>> numbered versions), or whether the distinction between stable and
>> unstable releases has now been dropped?
>> Also, if the user already has an Apache web server installed and
>> configured for Greenstone, hopefully the 2.83 installation will use
>> it rather than installing another program or changing the installed
>> program (which of course may be configured for much more than just
>> Greenstone)? [As a corollary, this would mean that users will still
>> be able to use either the local server and the web server without
>> changing file names as in release notes - for example I find it
>> convenient to do most work with the local server through the Windows
>> Start menu, but can still access Greenstone through Apache by using
>> the appropriate url in my browser or GLI client.]
>> Thanks and best
>> regards, John