[greenstone-users] cannot preview Greenstone collection in v 2.81

From Michael Manchester
DateFri Mar 6 09:17:07 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] cannot preview Greenstone collection in v 2.81

I am currently enrolled in a Master's of Library Science program and we
are using Greenstone in a digital libraries class.

I spent several hours this afternoon attempting to use the software on my
home computer. As per the download page, it was explained that the current
distribution includes both the web library and local library and that GLI
will use the local library by default.

The software installs without any problems and I was not asked to choose
local. However when I gather items into the collection and select build, I
am unable to preview the page. The button is ghosted. I read online that
it was necessary to configure the Preferences.

If I go into Preferences and select the Library path I read that I need to
type http://localhost:8080/greenstone2. When I type this I am now able to
select the Preview button but it attempts to connect to the internet. When
I cancel the connection I get a browser error.

But apparently it shouldn't be necessary to do such Preferences
configuration. I was prepared to resort to installing the older version we
have in class but I can't even find that on Sourceforge as instructed by
Greenstone. There is a message that 2.80 is released but no option for
downloading it. When it links back to the Greenstone page on Sourceforge
only 2.81 is available.

Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?

Thank you,

Michael Manchester
Ontario, Canada