[greenstone-users] chronological sorting and thumbnail resizing

From Michael Manchester
DateWed Apr 1 12:19:54 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] chronological sorting and thumbnail resizing

Despite some effort to resolve these two questions using online resources,
I cannot determine the proper procedure and was hoping someone could help.

First, I have two browsing classifiers containing images and want to sort
them by the date metadata. The dates were added in dc.Date using yyyymmdd
format (ie. 19890113) but they are not appearing in chronological order.
Of course, even if they appeared by date I would want it displayed in a
more conventional manner (ie. January 13, 1989). How do I accomplish this.

Second, I would like to resize a vertical thumbnail to match the width of
two other horizontal thumbnails.

Can anyone explain or point me to a specific resource that would be able
to answer these two issues.

Thank you for any assistance.

Michael Manchester
Ontario, Canada