Re: text residing behind photos?

From John R. McPherson
DateTue, 07 May 2002 14:48:13 +1200
Subject Re: text residing behind photos?
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"Rolen, Heather" wrote:
> Hi,
> Does GSDL have the option to display images with the text residing behind it
> as a result of a search query?

Greenstone itself does not really have that many options for
formatting the query results, but the good news is that you
can customise it yourself with arbitrary HTML code.

The collect.cfg file (which is in the "etc" directory of each
collection) allows you to override how various things are formatted.
For search results, each returned document is given a row in an
HTML table. Perhaps some examples makes it easier:

format SearchVList "<td>[link][Title][/link]</td>"

This displays the Title metadata of each document. Greenstone
automatically turns this into a link to the document by use
of the [link] and [/link] tags.

format SearchVList "<td>[link][icon][/link]</td> <td>[Title]</td>"

This creates two columns for the table entry, the first has an
appropriate icon (which is linked to the document), and the
document Title. This one is very similar to the default formatting
if you don't specify one.

If you can find a way to display your image with the text around
it in HTML, then you can probably find a way to get greenstone
to show it.

Hope this helps
John McPherson