From Philip Kitheka
DateMon Oct 13 18:46:09 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] CUSTOMIZING GREENSTONE

I am trying to customize my greenstone installation but I have some

1. When I create a new collection based on the Word and Pdf collections
(Ver. 2.80) , I always get two versions of the documents - the original
document located in the import folder for the specific collection and an
HTML greenstone version. I want to have the Greenstone version to be
visible to the user and not the original version.

2. Can I have/create Blank pages from within greenstone where I can put
customized information eg Vision and Mission, About us etc which I can
then link from the Home page.

I will appreciate your assistance.

Philip M. Kitheka

The Kenya Polytechnic University College

P.O Box 52428 - 00200


Phone: +254 (20) 315467/ 343672

Email: kithekap@kenpoly.ac.ke <mailto:kithekap@kenpoly.ac.ke>



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