[greenstone-users] search for new librarysoftware for SCK-CEN

From lmertens@vub.ac.be
DateThu, 15 Apr 2004 09:53:14 +0200 (MEST)
Subject [greenstone-users] search for new librarysoftware for SCK-CEN

I'm Liesbet Mertens student information & library science at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Currently I'm investigating library software, this is for the company SCK-CEN (www.sckcen.be). For that purpose I have a extensive list of questions.Although there's a extensive list of questions, the answers can be rather short.

The questions are made up in a way that they represent all the possibilities of library software. If you can't give an answer on everything it doesn't matter. A part is already useful.

The questions are rather technical, and it is impossible for me to download all the interesting library software.

I would be eternaly grateful if someone could help me with my investigation.

Thanks in advance
Liesbet Mertens