[greenstone-users] Metadata gone on Client GLI, but still in metadata.xml

From Xiao Hu
DateFri Nov 12 18:52:49 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Metadata gone on Client GLI, but still in metadata.xml
Hi GS team and all,

We are building a collection using GS 2.83 installed on a Linux
server. We input metadata though the Client GLI Enrich panel and built
the collection. Everything was fine until the second day when we
relaunched the Client GLI and found the metadata we had input the day
before was gone from the Enrich panel. We checked the metadata.xml
file on the server and found all metadata is still there.

Our questions are:

1. Is there anyway to recover the metadata and let it show on the Enrich panel?

2. We still need to add a few documents into the collection, but as
the Enrich panel is currently empty we are afraid that building the
collection again will clear the metadata currently in the
metadata.xml. Would you suggest it's a legitimate fear?

3. The Client-GLI has a "Minimum rebuild" option. Would you suggest
us to use this option to import the new documents while keep the
existing ones (and their metadata) intact?

4. This is already the second time for the metadata to be gone
mysteriously from the Enrich panel. As inputting metadata is really
time expensive, we were wondering if there is a way to prevent this
from happening again? Or it will help tremendously if you could advise
on possible reasons of this strange behavior.

Thank you very much!