Re: Solaris tested with new release?

From Stefan Boddie
DateThu, 10 Oct 2002 12:28:13 +1300
Subject Re: Solaris tested with new release?
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> Apologies if this topic has been covered....I saw a message come
> across the mail list referring to a 'final' release due out in August
> & running a bit behind schedule. Does anyone know if the newest
> release will have been tested on Solaris? Also, does the reference to
> 'final version' mean that there will be no further
> Greenstone-supported development for gsdl?
> thanks for any help,
> judy

Hi Judy,

The reference to the 'final' release of Greenstone was with regards to a
CD-ROM we're producing in partnership with Unesco. We've already produced a
small number of CD-ROMs containing gsdl-2.38. These have undergone testing
and we're in the process of creating a new CD-ROM for wider distribution. At
the same time we'll create a gsdl-2.39 web distribution containing the same
version of Greenstone. So it'll be the 'final' version of the CD-ROM, but by
no means the last version of Greenstone.

We'll certainly test the next version on Solaris before releasing it. We
rely on others to do this for us however (as we don't run Solaris here at
the U. of Waikato) so it tends not to be as thoroughly tested on that
platform as on windows and linux. If you're interested in helping with the
testing process let me know and I'll try to get you a pre-release version to
play with.