Re: Greenstone and Java

From George Buchanan
DateTue, 15 Oct 2002 09:41:42 +0100
Subject Re: Greenstone and Java
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Leon Messerschmidt wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Is there still a commitment toward the Java-Corba client? I see that
> the last entry in the ChangeLog was more than a year ago.
> If the Java-Corba client is no longer a priority, how far is it from
> completion? I might be able to get some time to work in it, if the
> scope is not too large.
As the Greenstone Protocol, implemented in the Java client, has not
changed over the last year (and its rate of change is generally low),
there is little or no need to change or update the client. I've put
in a few minor changes a few months ago, but basically it is sound
and complete so far as I can tell, and I use it in my own work on DL

There is still a commitment to the Corba protocol and client (I'm
currently working on some documentation), so you shouldn't have to
worry on that account. I hope to post some details on how to get
the server and client talking to each other later this week - there
is another user in a similar position to yourself.

I hope that that's encouraging - certainly, there is no reason not
to use the Java/Corba or C++/Corba interfaces.

George Buchanan
Research Fellow, Digital Libraries
Middlesex University, London, UK