Re: Greenstone and Java

From Leon Messerschmidt
DateTue, 15 Oct 2002 16:38:09 -0200
Subject Re: Greenstone and Java
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Thank you George!

That sounds encouraging enough. I'll be eagerly waiting for the
promised docs ;-)

~ Leon

George Buchanan wrote:
> Leon Messerschmidt wrote:
>>Hi Everyone,
>>Is there still a commitment toward the Java-Corba client? I see that
>>the last entry in the ChangeLog was more than a year ago.
>>If the Java-Corba client is no longer a priority, how far is it from
>>completion? I might be able to get some time to work in it, if the
>>scope is not too large.
> As the Greenstone Protocol, implemented in the Java client, has not
> changed over the last year (and its rate of change is generally low),
> there is little or no need to change or update the client. I've put
> in a few minor changes a few months ago, but basically it is sound
> and complete so far as I can tell, and I use it in my own work on DL
> research.
> There is still a commitment to the Corba protocol and client (I'm
> currently working on some documentation), so you shouldn't have to
> worry on that account. I hope to post some details on how to get
> the server and client talking to each other later this week - there
> is another user in a similar position to yourself.
> I hope that that's encouraging - certainly, there is no reason not
> to use the Java/Corba or C++/Corba interfaces.