[greenstone-users] associate_tail_re

From Michael Silver
DateMon Apr 12 10:32:06 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] associate_tail_re
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Hi Katherine,

Thank you for your reply - I really appreciate the effort you put into
supporting all of us!

I was wondering how it would deal with that. I was going from a couple
of posts on the mailing list and in trac (e.g.,
http://trac.greenstone.org/ticket/113). Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but
I interpreted as meaning associate_tail_re was supposed to work this way.

I guess the other way to do it would be to add a metadata element that
works like ex.equivlink but which can be edited. The big problem with
that is setting it up to find the associated items. In some ways, that
would be a better solution - a subcollection could be created for each
instrument type, but pulling the assocfilepath for each file would be a
manual entry. At least, that's as far as I've gotten on it.

For right now, I'll get it up and running without this feature. This is
for a class project, but I'm hoping to continue it as a real project to
document performances, original music, photos, etc. for a community jazz
band in which I play.

Thanks again for your help!


On 11/04/2010 4:12 PM, Katherine Don wrote:
> Hi Michael
> I am not sure if we have used this to associate files with the same
> extension. It was designed for eg processing a doc file and
> associating a pdf/image etc.
> I'll have to try it out and see if its easy to get it to work with
> files with same extension. One tricky point will be telling greenstone
> which file to process. In your case, it will probably process both doc
> files as individual files. will probably need to use process_exp too.
> One other thing to note, associate_ext was designed to associate
> different file types of the same content. The main file gets processed
> (text and metadata extracted) while the other files are not processed
> in any way other than to link them to the main one.
> If you have text in two of the files that you want extracted (and then
> indexed) then associate_ext is not the way to go.
> I guess with musical scores you are not looking to extract text?
> Regards,
> Katherine
> Michael Silver wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am trying to get associate_tail_re to work with a collection I'm
>> building using Greenstone 2.83. I'm hoping to be able to associate
>> sets of files into something like the compound item used in
>> CONTENTdm. For ease of testing, I'm using four files,
>> Title.doc
>> Title-part2.doc
>> Title-part2.txt
>> If I use associate_ext, I can successfully associate Title.doc with
>> Title.pdf and Title-part2.txt. What I want is to associate Title.doc
>> with Title-part2.doc.
>> If I enter -part2.doc into associate_tail_re, no association is
>> created. If I enter -part2..* the PDF and TXT files are associated.
>> I've tried various combinations of regular expressions and filenames,
>> but I have not been able to get the result I'm looking for.
>> According to what I've read in tickets in trac.greenstone.org and in
>> the mailing list archives, associate_tail_re should be able to do
>> this, but I've been unable to locate any details or examples. Can
>> anyone point me in the right direction, or provide some examples?
>> Any suggestions or pointers are welcome. I've tried RTFM, but I'm
>> obviously looking in the wrong manuals!:-)Thank you!
>> Michael
>> P.S. If you're interested, the actual case (instead of testing) is to
>> combine musical scores with instrumental parts, e.g.,
>> SongTitle.pdf (score)
>> SongTitleTrpts.pdf (trumpet parts)
>> SongTitleTbones.pdf (trombones)
>> SongTitleSax.pdf (saxes)
>> SongTitleRhythm.pdf (rhythm section)
>> If I could get past the above problem, I should be able to create a
>> regex to match (Trpts|Tbones|Sax|Rhythm).pdf. I hope.
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